Learning to Squirt - A True Orgasm

 mmmm, hot cock grab.

All my life, I have been under the impression that some girls can reach orgasm from vaginal sex, and others from oral sex. Those that could achieve orgasm during both sex and oral were considered "lucky". Having always liked sex and feeling like a sexual person, I was under the impression that there was something wrong with me because I was unable to achieve an orgasm. I then was unsure exactly what an orgasm entailed! I figured I was able to achieve it from oral sex as that is when I got most wet. But I was wrong. Booooy was I wrong.....

I had NO idea what an orgasm was! And I think MOST girls have nooo idea what a real orgasm is!!!

The first time my boyfriend and I had sex, we were at it for hours!!!! It was incredible, and hot and steamy!! He took his time licking my pussy and he worked me up to the point where I couldn't take it anymore! He encouraged me with one simple word, "Push", and that is exactly what I did... I pushed and let go, and the sensation was just that - sensational. I came, and by that, I mean I squirted. You know, female ejaculation!

I was so amazed with what happened, I was beyond embarrassed at first, thinking I had wet the bed! But he assured me that I had came, and squirted all over him. I suddenly realized how HOT of a feeling it was, and I was COMPLETELY RELIEVED that I was able to fully achieve an orgasm!! And since I learned the key to it all, the word "Push", I am now able to cum from him touching me, or kissing me alone! It is soooo hot! 

I honestly cannot believe that I went 25 years of my life before knowing what a truuuue orgasm was!! I told my boyfriend before ever having sex with him that if he was able to get me to cum, he would have to marry me! hahaha. I didn't believe he could. And so he proved me wrong and I am sooo fucking happy he did =)

mmmm, fuuuck. Sexy Suds. So hot!