There's more than one way to lick a clit

How does one go about licking a woman's clitoris? In general, you want to do it the way she likes. If you pay attention to her reaction you should be able to figure out how she likes you to lick her.

I've read about spelling the alphabet on her clit. I tried it once but didn't through the whole thing. Some of the letters are difficult to do with your tongue. Besides I think the point is to try out different kinds of moves. I'm all for that. In fact, I like to lick my woman in different ways rather than doing it the same way every time. It's better for both of us that way!

If your woman isn't wet and swollen yet, basically her cunts closed up, it's probably best to gently lick her pussy lips until she opens up a bit. No point in being in a hurry. When she opens up a bit try gently inserting your tongue inside her. It's always good to be gentle at first. There's always time for more energetic licking when she gets hot and wet.

I enjoy tongue fucking. I slowly work my tongue deeper and deeper inside of her. I try to get stick it in as far as possible. It's like a soft, flat little dick. It's a good idea to get your women use to being screwed with little things if you your dick is 4 ½ inchs fully erect!

After she's hot from tongue fucking it's time to move on to her clitorus. As the title of this post indicates, there's more than one way to lick a clit. As usual, it helps to start out with gentle licks.

You can lick clits back-and-forth, up-and-down, or around in circles. There's the tip-of-the-tongue technique and there's lapping it up with the flat part of your tongue. For lapping, you can imagine that you're her doggy.

Clits come in different sizes. If your woman has a large clit you can try sucking on it. The main thing is to notice what she likes and to give her plenty of it. At the same time, it's nice to mix things up.

Is it OK to masturbate while you give cunnilingus?

Some of you may be wondering about proper cunnilingus etiquette. For example, is it polite to play with yourself while you're going down on a woman?

This gal doesn't seem to mind- as long as he keeps his tongue in the right place.

This babe realizes that her boy can't keep his hands off his cock.

She's even going to help out!

Here's a dude who's jerking-off while the other guy does all of the licking.

These babe's know how to motivate their pussy-licker.

What could be better than masturbating while you have a face full of pussy?

Maybe having her do you?