I have a girl date tonight!

Hello blogworld!
I have a girl date tonight! hehehe! We are going to meet at a pub to get to know each other. This will be my second female date :)

This "let-me-feel-you-out-and-see-if-I-like-you-and-if-I-do,-then-I-will-actually-feel-you" stuff might be a pattern in female dating/female-pleasure seeking as I did this the first time I met a girl with the intention of eventual sexy fun. The girl tonight is my age and has a boyfriend, just like me. She has never been with a girl, and also wants to simply meet tonight to see if we click. We have been txting each other on and off for a couple days and I know she is nervous about tonight. She has not told her boyfriend about it as it might make him feel inferior.

I get the feeling she is a closet lesbian and has no idea.I actually think it will only take a little bit of pleasure from a female for her to realise this. Through our txting she told me that she may only want to go down on me vs me go down on her and I think she may just simply be insecure with who she is deep down... like I said, I have a hunch she will eventually realize she is a lesbian. Who knows though? I only recently admitted and accepted my love/lust/desire for women.. and their bodies. hehe

Anyways, I got a brazillian today and my vagina looks sweeeet again, hehehehe... I was hoping to get some pussy action tonight, but I can wait I suppose :P

These next photos are in honour of the thoughts I have going through my head whenever I see my brazillian waxer... goddamn she is hot! Cute face, blonde hair with a little brown, small nose ring, huge boobs that pop out of her shirt.... I liked the top she had on last time I got waxed a lot more because they exposed her tits more.. she has nice cleavage. hehe. but today was a nice view too :)

I must also admit, I really liked when the waxer touched my vagina's lips while getting the wax off with some oil...


Wish me luck tonight cuz I wanna lick some pussy reeeeeeeeal soon!

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Half-Nekkid Thursday

Well well well... My first Half-Nekkid Thursday is here!!!
Enjoy my first pic! It's a bit naughty. hehe...


Looking for another Female Playmate!

It must be Spring! I feel like a bunny, hehhehehe.. All I wanna do is fuck! I am Seeking my second female playmate!

I re-logged onto Plenty of Fish and have started txting a girl and have made plans to meet her for drinks on Saturday night. It's essential for females to feel a connection and click, lol, so drinks it is! She has never been with a girl before  but wants to try. She has a boyfriend just like me however she has not told her boyfriend what she's up to! I am not completely comfortable with being the "other" girl but then again, maybe this will make her want to admit the truth. I see how lucky am to have the support of my BF. It's hard to admit these feelings without feel of judgement and I get that.

The ultimate pleasure is what I am currently experiencing.... a healthy relationship where I am free to seek out my sexual fantasies and my boyfriend in turn gets extremely turned on... which then turns me on again.. a full circle of horny happiness :)

Anyways, I am so horny, hehe. I guess I didn't masturbate enough earlier. I have been pre-occupied by figuring out this blogging stuff and of course, looking up naked photos.

This pic is BEYOND HOT! Just looook at those large titties get sprayed... so wet... soooo hot. hehe.

Oh god... Must... 
go...... masturbate............. 
or find boyfriend........ 

I must cum! now!...

"Should I Become A Lesbian" Test Results (hehehe!!)

You're kinda in the gay region of the spectrum. You most likely find other women attractive, and have perhaps have had thoughts about same sex "activities." Perhaps men aren't the best thing for you. You've probably had your failed relationships, but more importantly, you are showing signs that these "mixed-sex" relationships may have a tendency to fail because of your interaction with male-kind. Women may be a healthy alternative for you. Do not be ashamed of your feelings. Whatever feels natural for you is what is best. If you try women and you like it, then why the hell not? If you find yourself missing the penis, you can always come back, and men like myself will most likely welcome you with open arms...or legs. What you should concern yourself with is finding a good match. Do not base relationships on sex. If you do, then every relationship you have will fail, no matter what sex it is with.

I scored 54% Lesbopoints higher than my peers!! haha! No wonder I want to suck on a luscious pair of tits. mmm... hehe

Speaking of which, I haven't uploaded any sexy photos yet today - Gosh - and it's only 2:06pm! haha!! Well, here you go.... I think I shall go masturbate now.... Enjoy!

 I totally want to grab, suck, lick and cum all over these... Both girls.

oh god.... soooo sexy. Anyone agree?

Morning Thoughts

I woke up this morning feeling naughty. And slightly insecure. Blogging is so new to me and I felt slightly embarrassed by my entries. But I cannot deny my lust to touch a women's naked body.

I am who I am, and I am attracted to females. I see myself married to a man but still seeing women on the side with his approval. Who knows, with confidence and time, I may even consider having someone join us.... :) One step at a time.

I kid you not... I cannot sleep... Fantasising...

Ok, wow. I am having trouble sleeping.
All I can think about are girls.... :S

I am just so shocked by the realization and ability to admit my new-found desire for women... I think it's safe to say that I have always fantasised about women in one way or another. As a kid I remember noticing breasts and being curiously attracted to them. I spent many years up until now noticing attractive women, appreciating their beauty and curious about other female bodies other than my own. At this point however, I am craaaaving to touch a female body. I want to put my hand through a girl's hair, kiss her softly on her neck, then kiss her passionately on the lips as I gently but firmly caress her luscious breasts. mmmm.

Since I accepted my attraction for women I have not been able to stop staring at them... I saw a cute blonde girl downtown today and I am normally not attracted to blondes. She had a gorgeous smile and a Marilyn-Monroe piercing. She wore tight jeans and a white ruffle top allowing a generous amount of cleavage to show =) I wanted to hold up my hand and stop her from walking, grab her by her hips and bring her closely into me. I wanted to rip off her shirt and her bra and start sucking on her nipples in the middle of the street! I wanted to lay her down gently and softly lick her clit. This urge is sooo incredible... it's consuming me!!!

This photo makes me warm... and wet. (hehe)

Learning to Squirt - A True Orgasm

 mmmm, hot cock grab.

All my life, I have been under the impression that some girls can reach orgasm from vaginal sex, and others from oral sex. Those that could achieve orgasm during both sex and oral were considered "lucky". Having always liked sex and feeling like a sexual person, I was under the impression that there was something wrong with me because I was unable to achieve an orgasm. I then was unsure exactly what an orgasm entailed! I figured I was able to achieve it from oral sex as that is when I got most wet. But I was wrong. Booooy was I wrong.....

I had NO idea what an orgasm was! And I think MOST girls have nooo idea what a real orgasm is!!!

The first time my boyfriend and I had sex, we were at it for hours!!!! It was incredible, and hot and steamy!! He took his time licking my pussy and he worked me up to the point where I couldn't take it anymore! He encouraged me with one simple word, "Push", and that is exactly what I did... I pushed and let go, and the sensation was just that - sensational. I came, and by that, I mean I squirted. You know, female ejaculation!

I was so amazed with what happened, I was beyond embarrassed at first, thinking I had wet the bed! But he assured me that I had came, and squirted all over him. I suddenly realized how HOT of a feeling it was, and I was COMPLETELY RELIEVED that I was able to fully achieve an orgasm!! And since I learned the key to it all, the word "Push", I am now able to cum from him touching me, or kissing me alone! It is soooo hot! 

I honestly cannot believe that I went 25 years of my life before knowing what a truuuue orgasm was!! I told my boyfriend before ever having sex with him that if he was able to get me to cum, he would have to marry me! hahaha. I didn't believe he could. And so he proved me wrong and I am sooo fucking happy he did =)

mmmm, fuuuck. Sexy Suds. So hot!

First Entry - My Confession

Heeey, so I am starting this blog because I recently had my first girl-on-girl experience, and I LOVED it, and I want to try it again.....

I have come to the realization that I like girls -- really really like them... I love seeing cute girls and their boobs of course.. hehe. I love hearing girls laugh and giggle cuz I like to giggle too! And seriously, who can deny the beauty and sex appeal of a nice pair of tits?? :P

So, you see, I have realized this, and you must know that I am in, or was in what I thought was a completely heterosexual relationship. I am so completely in love with my boyfriend, so mad about him! Our sex is amaaazing. I shall embellish on what I mean further in another posting...
But has been through our incredible relationship, full of understanding and acceptance, that I have been able to recognize and succumb to my undenying attraction to women. Thus, about two months ago I started up a Plenty of Fish account to find a female friend. I found one and will write about my first experience soon. :)

My boyfriend fully supports me in wanting to "play" with other girls! I am so lucky!!! We both are I suppose!

The following photos are of girls that I find to be absolutely hot and delicious!!! 
I dare anyone -guy or girl- to look at these photos and NOT get turned on!!!

 Rose Berenger -- Fucking Hot!!! Seriously, I want to grab her tits. Lick them, suck them... She looks like an innocent girl next door type. Yet sooo naughty. I want to touch those breasts so badly. mmmm :P

Begging for pussy

My ex once told me “I've got something you want and you can't have it.” I knew what she was talking about, because I immediately thought of her pussy. She said it in a rather mean way. This was at a time when we weren't getting along so I didn't say anything, because I wasn't about to admit to it, but she was right.

When we started out I use to go down on her regularly. I loved to bury my face in her wet, hairy cunt. I loved the way her clit would swell up when I licked it and I loved the way it felt when I sucked on it. Most of all I loved the way she would thrash about when she had an orgasm. Having your face between her legs and your dick pressing against the bed is the best way to experience a woman's orgasm!

After a while she became reluctant to receive oral sex from me. She asked me why I liked to do it so much and I told her that it was because it made her cum. That was only part of it. I also loved the way she tasted and I liked the very thought of burying my face in her crotch. I sensed that she might have thought it was perverse. For me that only made it more exciting.

There were several times when she would gently push my head away when I went for her crotch and once I got my lips on her pussy she was in my control. This made things even more interesting. But eventually she pushed me away harder and I had to settle for conventional sex.

She told me that it was too intense when I sucked on her clit. This was hard for me to understand as she would have such an explosive orgasm. But I tried being more gentle and going slower. Soon we weren't having any sex, oral or otherwise. I would have begged to lick her pussy if it would have done any good.

Things are much better with my current girl. She lets me go down on her quite a bit and I'm grateful for that. So I try to make sure to make it as rewrarding an experience for her as possible. I believe that a good cunt-licker should appreciate what his woman is doing for him whenever she lets him have a taste of her treasure.