bad bad internet. bad bad girl.

It has been a long while since I updated... many many small things have added up to an general internet absense. My internet connection suuucks and can be extremely frustrating, but I am about to move to a bigger city for a job and with a bigger city comes a larger selection of women :) This is all very recent news and finding a place to live in another city is quite time consuming!


I have found that there are many ups and downs with trying to arrange playdates with women. I have had a hard time finding a woman to play with here in my city.... The pool is a bit small and women being the emotional creatures we are, need to be in the right frame of mind for an intimate encounter. While I understand this and too need to feel a connection with an intimte partner, this can also be very frustrating, especially when I am in the mood for some naked girl fun and I can't call up anyone because we haven't gotten to know each other yet... gah!!

On a good note, I recently met a cute "boi" type lesbian and we hit it off. I usually prefer feminine looking women, and admitted this to her, but we seem to have a lot in common and she is really cute! We met earlier this week and will likely get together after this weekend as we are both busy until then. I cannot wait to lick her pussy.... Her tits will be a huge surprise, and I will gladly grab onto them whatever they look like, because she wears baggy-ish clothes that cover her breasts. hehe... The anticipation and mystery is kinda fun.
I have a feeling she will be incredibly great at licking myyyy pussy. She told me a story about going to a 'private club' in Calgary where the downstairs is a place to mingle, and the upstairs is for fucking. And I mean, fucking..... in front of everyone. She told me that her and another girl made out and she performed oral on her in front of a room full of people! That is so hot! She also said that a female from the room THANKED her for the hot makeout session and oral because she came hard from watching. Wow! Yes, like I said, I think this supposed-boi type will give me a sensational pussy lick.

Sleep Tight!

Eatin Pussy

Nothing's nicer that eatin pussy, but masturbating over cunnilingus porn's not bad either.

I'm kind of jealous of that babe whose up to her nose in pussy.

This looks good too!

Here's a couple who're into the outdoors.

There's no better place to be.

Just ask this guy what he likes most about his girl.

Doin it in the alley.

I got these last three from another blog.

Rebloged as ordered.

A woman breaking in her husband on their wedding night.

The Bliss of the Anal Vibrator

The third girl in the series below gets her turn.

Instead of just looking on, the lovely girl on the right would be better employed licking her friends swollen clitoris as she enjoys the vibrator in her bottom. Multiple orgasms ensured.

Hot Chick Show Our Big Boobs

Hot Spicy PIcture

Girl In Hot Tun with Drink

American Show Here Big BOObs

Most girls won't admit it but they really enjoy their girlfriend inserting a dildo or a vibrator gently but firmly into the anus. Some girls like a large one and others a smaller one, but the result is the same. Three girls together is even better, one egging the other on while the lucky recipient enjoys the feeling, then swapping so they all do.
I have explored the idea of anal insertions in the past but it always bears repetition. Enjoy.
And just look at that sexy split thong.

You can see how much she loves it.

This girl takes a smaller vibrator but she loves it just as much.


50 Porn Girls

Shopping Snatch

We want to go shopping with the guys from FTV Girls!!! They have the hottest chicks doing the most obscene things with sex toys (and fruit!), and love to take them out in public and get them to expose themselves!
hot shopping trip
A woman willing to do a cucumber and then go out and flash her snatch in public is a girl we want to hit badly!!!

Party Down Dorm

Welcome to the Party Down dorm where anything and everything will happen in the name of pleasure!We caught up with all of the hot babes as they showed off those nice titties and had some fun teasing us with the camera.they were flashing those boobs and making out with each other for fun.
Thats not all you gotta see what the horny babes did to this lucky dude.They all surrounded him and got down on their knees as they took turns taking his cock into their mouths.They all blowed and sucked on his dick and he was one lucky dude!

Wide Open For Cock

Dani was waiting for her boyfriend to arrive home from work because she had a special surprise for him.She wanted him to fuck her pussy nice and wet with his hot cock.She waited until he arrived on the bed with her ass facing the door.As soon as he walked in he was greeted by her nice round ass that he was ready to have some fun with.
She turned around and began to suck on his dick to get it erect and stiff.That cock was really hard and she was sucking on it like there was no tomorrow.She could feel the veins of the cock as it pulsated in her mouth because she was doing a good job.
Finally it was time for him to shove his cock inside of her as he took her from behind and pushed his dick inside.Her wet pussy was all that he wanted and he kept pumping her over and over again.

Tiki Sex Fuck

Carina and Summer were having a great time as they were outside enjoying the sun and getting ready to have people over for their Tiki fun party.The two babes were ready to party but before anyone arrived they wanted dto make sure they got their fun times in with each other.The babes got undressed and were showing off their tits as they made out and kissed and got very sexy.They were pinching on their nipples and sucking on them too.
Summer bent over to show Carina her nice pussy that she wanted her to share with.Carina was amazed at how great and beautiful that pussy looked and she started dto finger and kiss on those nice pink lips.She used her tongue and her fingers to rub that pussy and insert her tongue inside.
Pretty soon she was in love with that beautiful pussy as Summer laid down on Carina and had her lick on that pink pussy.She was sucking and licking her pussy lips and making her best friend go wild.