Licking Pussy

How does one dress for the occasion?

This lovely lady's feeling a bit awkward. He's well-dressed and she's stark naked.

Now she's in the superior position, and feeling much better.

This babe doesn't care what her boy wears as long as he's a good pussy-licker.

However this gal insists on proper grooming from her cunt-licker.

This is bliss for both of them!

She's going to relax and take it easy as her boy does the work.

This was probably a spontaneous urge on both their parts.

As long as she's got a hat she's not completely naked. But he's not noticing!

Sissy test......

Fancy Dress Feminised Fuck....

She was the sexiest girl at the party; dressed up to the nines in a naughty Policewoman outfit and wearing your favourite: black, patterened stockings and sexy killer heels! 

You had been unable to take your eyes off her all night; had been constantly undresing her with your eyes, trying to imagine what other lacy delights hid beneath her tight fitting uniform.

And she had noticed......

She got up, put her hat on and slowly began teasing herself through her uniform; licking her lips suggestively and looking straight at you as she did so....

You didn't have to be a Detective to know you were definitely in there! And, sure enough, soon she was walking over and whispering in your ear that maybe you and her should go somewhere more private....

You must have blacked out shortly after that as when you awoke, things were radically different! You awoke to find yourself bound and gagged and dressed and made up to look like a sexy blonde! A glance in the mirrored ceiling quickly showed you that breast forms had been stuck to your chest completing the look and your legs were encased by sexy black stockings, finished with the same killer heels your sexy Police Lady had been wearing earlier. Talking of which, she had changed too and was now wearing a sexy black cocktail dress with a slit down the front.

 You were soon to discover why! Pulling apart the gap in her dress revealed her to be wearing a big, black strap-on! 

"One half of this strap-on is inside of me now; stretching me, filling me....making me wet. Guess where the other half is going Sissy!" She told you, again licking her lips seductively. "Get ready Sissy...because you about to discover what it is like to be fucked!!" All you could do is whimper through your gag in response and wonder why all this was happening!

 Your orgasm, as you came, was the most explosive you had ever felt! You had never imagined how sexy it must feel to cum like a woman; solely from penetration, tied down, gagged and helpless! 

When your new lover demanded you give her a long, lingering kiss to say thank-you for making you into her Submissive Sissy Slut, you did so willingly; genuinely grateful to her for awakening your previously hidden Sissy desires.

Six months have now passed, everything has changed  and you are now living as a sexy, Submissive Shemale Slut full time! Turns out, your wife had found a stash of Cross-Dressing Porn on your computer and hired Stacey to meet you at the party, transform you and give you everything she thought you had ever wanted and fantasised about!!

What she didn't realise is that the Porn on the computer wasn't yours, it was your sons! Still, you have never been happier than spending your life living as a sexy slutty woman and all the local young boys have taken a real shine to your naughty new look.....

Gangbang Cunnilingus

Most guys show up at a gangbang hoping to get their cock in on of her holes.

Then there's the guy who uses the occasion to get his face into some wet pussy.

I, for one, believe that it is better to give than to receive.

This dude probably didn't have to wait in a long line either.

I think Sara is really sexy. If I were at that party I'd be the guy going down on her.

Licking away while the other guys are grabbing at her body.

Maybe getting a picture taken with her.

This guy can take care of his own cock. He's not missing out on the taste of pussy!


The Bliss of the Strap-on

Just look at that beautiful girl's pouting anus, pushed open by the strap-on!