First time caught and feminised: First day at the office (Part Three)

The rest of the morning passed by fairly smoothly as I caught up on the work I had missed yesterday during my day off. My secretary, Rachael seemed to be in a particularly flirtatious and playful mood that day, only a little more so than normal if I am really honest, but her continual bending over to pick things up in front of me that she had dropped, whenever I had to leave my office, and the constant glimpses of her stocking-tops that she kept 'accidentally' awarding me were certainly not helping in my highly aroused state. On a couple of instances, she was forced to brush up against me in the corridors and I had to stifle my gasps of pleasure as I felt her pushing her bottom playfully backwards into my crotch as we passed. When I felt her hand brush my leg on one occasion, I found myself trembling and convinced that she was going to feel my stockings and suspenders hidden under my business suit! But if she noticed anything unusual, she never said anything; she just gave me a playful, and cheeky, peck on the cheek with a sly and naughty wink!

At lunchtime, I received a package sent through the internal post. A note inside read "I want you to wear these for the rest of the day! Your Mistress, Molly xxx" and with it were the black panties that my wife had been wearing earlier and that I had watched her pleasuring herself in on the E-mail she had sent me that morning! The note also insisted that I was to change my panties in the ladies toilets but that I wasn't to pleasure myself in any way! Lifting the damp panties to my face, I could smell the intoxicating scent of my wife's pussy and the thought of her upstairs, without any knickers on, started to really excite me.

As soon as the coast was clear and I thought all the girls on my floor had go
ne to lunch, I rushed to the ladies and, after making sure no one was about and that the toilets were empty, I rushed into a cubicle. I had just changed my naughty knickers and pulled up my trousers when I heard somebody entering! Lifting my feet and looking through a gap in the door, I saw it was Rachael, my secretary, and as she quickly slipped into the cubicle next to mine, I held my breath, waiting to be caught! After a moment or two, I soon realised that she didn't even realise I was there and I began to hear heavy breathing and deep, panting sighs coming from next door. There was a small hole nearly at eye-level, just above the toilet roll holder and, desperately trying not to make a sound, I lowered my head and peered through; naively intrigued as to what she was doing! I nearly got the shock of my life when I realised she was masturbating!!!

Her fingers were working themselves in and out of her hot, wet snatch and, as I watched, she started to increase her pace faster and faster. I had to bite my lip as she swapped hands, bringing her wet fingers up to her mouth so she could taste her juices and then I realised exactly what it was she was moaning!

"Fuck me Mr.J....fuck me hard....pump my pussy, make me cum......oooh're so hard...I want you inside of me.....fucking me, filling me.....I want to feel you in my pussy....oh god, Mr.J, you're so naughty....oh god...fuck me...fuck me...fuuuuccckkkk me!"

With something of a shock, I realised she was moaning my name. Rachael was fantasising about me and as she pleasured herself, I was sitting in the cubicle next to her, dressed in my wife's lingerie! I waited until Rachael reached her climax before quickly exiting my cubicle and the ladies toilets while she was distracted!

It wasn't until I was safely back inside my office that I realised in my panic that I had left my wife's old panties, the ones that I had been wearing earlier, on the floor of the cubicle I had just been hiding in! One way or another, Rachael was now going to realise that she hadn't been alone in the ladies when she had been playing with herself and I only prayed that she didn't guess it was me who had been watching and listening to her cum!

I felt a sinking feeling settling in my stomach as I waited nervously for Rachael's return and while I was waiting, I found my eye drawn to the Advertising proposal my boss had dropped on my secretary's desk yesterday whilst I had been out of the office! It was for a new scent called "Cute As Candi" and was the same fragance that I had found in our bathroom and that my wife had encouraged me to use whilst I was dressed as "Aimee!" Too much of a coincidence, I wondered again for the second time that day, or a integral part of what had happened to me over the last couple of days?

I decided I needed to know more.....

(To Be Continued....)

First time caught and feminised: First day at the office (Part Two)

As we got in the car, my wife slowly slid up her skirt ~ teasing me with a glimpse of her sexy black stockings. Reaching over, her hand traced my own stockings, hidden beneath my business suit, and followed the line of my suspenders up until she reached my pantied cock. With one fingernail, she teased and stroked me through my trousers causing me to moan. "This morning in the shower was very, very nice..." she told me huskily, "but it is the last time you are going to be allowed to take control. It was a mistake, one that shouldn't have happened, and from now on we are only going to have sex on my terms and my terms only!" Her hand clenched, squeezing me tight. "Now sit there and stroke yourself through your panties all the way to work as your punishment!" She ordered, "by the time we reach the office, I want you all nice and horny! But don't cum or else you will be walking round in hot, sticky panties all day!" As she started the car, I proceeded to do as she told me. By the time we reached the office, I was right on the edge and begging for release but I knew if I came, I would have to walk round all day feeling sticky, wet, soiled and dirty. You would not believe how hard it was for me to get out of the car and enter my building as normal...every step jiggled the plug that sat inside of me and, as horny as I was, it was almost impossible for me to walk without wriggling my bottom and increasing the sensations I was feeling....I felt a hand reaching down and caressing my arse through my trousers as I walked. "See," my wife told me as we entered our offices and went our seperate ways, "You're even walking like a Slut now! See you later on...lover!" She paused, blew me a kiss then licked her lips suggestively, her tongue gliding across her heavily painted mouth. How on earth, I wondered, was I going to get through the day?

I knew my challenge was going to be made even more difficult as soon as I stepped off the elevator and onto the floor where I worked. There were a lot of highly attractive girls working in my department at the best of times but today they all seemed to have made that extra special effort just to look good in order to torment and frustrate me! All of them, without exception, seemed to be wearing tight satin blouses, high heels and short skirts that left little to the imagination and I could only guess at what some of them were wearing underneath! I found myself wondering if any of their lingerie matched with mine and felt myself blushing in response. All of the girls gave me a wave and a smile as I walked on past and for a moment, a paranoid thought ran through my head that maybe, just maybe, my wife HAD let slip about my little secret like she had threatened and these girls were deliberately trying to tease me. Naaah, I told myself, I musn't start getting paranoid, or I would end up giving something away that really would make them all suspicious! I had to play it calm, I told myself, and everything would be just fine!

My secretary, Rachael, was waiting for me as I finally turned the corner and reached the sanctuary of my office but it almost looked to me as though she too had seemingly dressed extra provocatively for work this morning! I had always had a problem with Rachael anyway; blonde, incredibly sexy and just 19, she was always coming on to me, flirting with me and letting me know, in no uncertain terms, that she found me attractive. Today, dressed as I was in my new business suit, the last thing I wanted was for her getting too close and discovering what I was wearing underneath! I wondered if Rachael was one of the reasons my wife had insisted I wear her dirty panties; almost as though marking me with her scent so that nobody else came near her Sissy husband? I knew that my wife knew of Rachael's attraction to me and had commented on it in the past. I wondered too how Rachael would react if she happened to find out my naughty secret...

"Nice suit Mr.J," Rachael commented as I went to pass
her and head into my office,"is it a new design?" "Errrm..yes," I replied nervously, "it's a new unisex look my wife wanted me to try out. Personally, I think it looks a bit feminine!" I tried to choke back my words but it was too late, they were out before I could stop them. "Oh no, Mr.J, " Rachael countered, "Actually I think it does wonders for your figure!" She stood up and ran her fingers down my chest, slowly and seductively. Was that really the suit doing wonders, I pondered or the sexy, figure-hugging basque I was wearing underneath? I felt my clitty jump in its satin prison as Rachael continued to stroke me softly. "Ahem..well. there anything I need to know?" I asked, trying to get back down to business. "Not much," Rachael admitted, "Just the usual....oh, but your boss did put a new advertising proposal on your desk yesterday for you to look at. A new product the Company wants us to promote....a new feminine scent called 'Cute As Candi'? " I felt my stomach leap! That was the spray my wife had insisted I wear last night; the new scent that had been waiting in our bathroom. Surely it had to be a coincidence?

"Well, errm...thanks Rachael," I stammered, trying desperately to act and think normally. "Let me know if I get any calls..." I darted inside my office and quickly shut the door. On my computer, an icon was flashing to say I
had recieved an inter-office E-mail and, on closer examination, I discovered it was from my wife in her own office upstairs. It was titled "Thinking of you already!" and came with an attachment. Not knowing quite what to expect, I opened up the accompanying file....

What followed was a short web-cam clip of my wife playing with herself and masturbating under her desk. I could hear her soft moans and deepening sighs as her fingers deftly explored her tight, w
et pussy then her frantic whimpering as I heard her slowly bringing herself to climax. I knew that there were other people within earshot just the other side of the door, as there must be outside her office upstairs, but it didn't seem to be bothering her none. I unzipped my flies and let my hand stroke myself briefly through my wife's panties. I wriggled on the seat, feeling my butt-plug stretching me inside and bit my hand to stop myself from moaning. The last scene was a head-shot of my wife as she hungrily sucked her fingers dry and, feeling the first few squirts of pre-cum on my hand, I did the same. Suddenly, I felt even hornier than I had earlier and desperately prayed Rachael wouldn't take this opportunity to walk in!

I scrolled down and read the text that came with the E-mail. "HAS A
NYONE DISCOVERED YOUR SECRET YET, SISSY?" it read, "JUST THINKING OF YOU IN MY PANTIES IS GETTING ME WET ALREADY! XXX MISTRESS MOLLY" Feeling a damp patch spreading across the front of my knickers, it was self-evident that it was doing exactly the same to me!

(To Be Continued....)

First time caught and feminised: First day at the office (Part One)

The next morning I woke up still dressed in my lingerie and wondering if last night had all been a dream but the ache in my bottom from where the butt-plug had been (and a curious sense of emptiness) combined with the salty taste in my mouth from where I had swallowed my own cum and my stiff jaw from the penis-gag I had been made to wear persuaded me otherwise. I was still incredibly horny and I put that down to the effects of the blue pill I had taken still racing through my body. I jumped into the shower and had just begun soaping myself (my wife had already removed all my male products so I had no choice but to use her feminine, girly scents) when I heard the bathroom door open behind me...a second later, I felt hands around my clit as my wife moved into the shower with me, still dressed in her lingerie."Ooooh're STILL hard..." she moaned, her fingernails running up and down my erect shaft before moving down to tease my balls. "'d be such a shame to waste this!" She said and with that got down on her knees and enveloped my manhood in her hot, wet mouth. Her own hands slipped between her thighs, holding herself open and fingering her pussy as her head bobbed up and down my aching cock. She looked so horny there, her hair dripping wet, the water running down over her lingerie soaking it to the skin. I could only imagine the feelings that must be going through her as the water ran down over the sensitive, wet material of her lingerie. I could tell it was turning her on from the moans and gasps she was letting out and the way her nipples stood out through her tight, wet satin bra. As if reading my mind, one hand reached up and began stroking and fondling her breasts as she pumped her fingers in and out of her gaping pussy with the other. As for me, the alternating sensations of my wife's mouth on my clit and the warm water of the shower were combining to make me want to explode! Pulling her up, I forced my mouth on hers and began kissing her hard; our tongues once again clashing in orgasmic passion. I could tell neither of us were going to be long, so gently laid her down in the bath and began pumping into her as hard as I was able. Within moments, both of us were screaming as we both exploded in orgasm; me first then her a second later as my hot seed erupted inside of her. "See," I told her, "sometimes there are advantages to me being a man...." "Maybe I like having the best of both worlds," she replied and gave me a wink as she sashayed out of the bathroom, leaving a wet trail where she walked.

After we had both showered properly, my wife laid out the sexy lingerie she wanted me to wear underneath my business suit. It was all satin, lace and garters and I panicked that someone might be able to tell what I was wearing if they looked too hard. "You'll be fine," my wife assured me, "and besides that basque does wonders for your figure!" Her fingernails traced their way down my spine causing me to shiver. I had to admit that the thought of this WAS giving me a naughty, sexy thrill but still I was worried!

"And what about this suit?" I asked, slipping into my new blouse and business jacket. "Are you sure I can get away with this?" "Of course you can, " my wife said again. "this is a metro-sexual time we are living in...nobody will even blink an eye. I must admit, you do look hot though," she said, stroking me through the dirty panties she was making me wear. "Like a naughty lipstick lesbian Slut. I can't wait to get you home tonight! I want you to be thinking about what I have planned for you all day today. But touchies or I lock our little toy away..... " She licked her lips salaciously.

I went to pull up my trousers. "Wait," my wife told me, "I think you're forgetting something!" She pushed me over the bedside table and applied wet lube to my bottom again, slipping in the butt plug I had been wearing last night then pulling up my panties. "This will help you feel extra naughty" she said and slapped me on my rump... hard. I felt the plug move inside of me and stifled
a little moan...."Ahhhh does my Sissy like that?" she asked me and giggled. "Who's a man NOW then?" I turned to face my wife and hung my head as I finished getting dressed. "Please Mistress Molly," I begged, "Don't make me wear the plug, it's so big inside me...I'll do anything, I promise..." "You'll wear the plug and you'll like it!" She told me, "Now go and get in the car, it's time to start your new life in the office....SLUT!"

I looked my wife over and knew she wasn't wife was now in control and there was nothing I could do to stop it!

(To Be Continued....)

Feedback and your chance to be a star...

Thank you girls for all the lovely feedback you are leaving me! It really encourages me to continue with my sexy stories knowing they are making you all sooo wet! I have lots more ideas and stories yet to come as well as continuations of my two main series, First time caught and feminised and the Auntie Jayne series (which will return soon). But here is an oppotunity for You! If any of you girls want to feature in your own story, then please let me know! I would love to include some of my fans in their own short, short stories just as people on other sites and Blogs often write specially requested captions! If you want a starring role, please drop me a line in the comments section of any of my next posts with your likes and dislikes, what turns you on and what doesn't, and I will endeavour to come up with something deliciosly naughty for you! I have a wicked imagination and would delight in putting it to good use just for you secret girlies!

xxxx Sophie xxxx

First time caught and feminised (Part Five)

That was just the beginning....before I had even had a chance to recover, my wife, or Mistress Molly as she now wanted me to call her, began running her hands up and d
own her soaking wet thighs. Scooping up my cum on her fingers, she slowly began smearing my juices all across her heavily painted lips before slipping her fingers sensuously into her mouth and licking them She then reached over and mashed her lips hungrily against mine as she forced her tongue deep inside my mouth and orally raped me; her other hand slipping down between my thighs to toy with my plug. I heard myself whimpering, moaning like a little Sissy Gurl but there was nothing I could do. The incredible sensations running through my body, my hard, aching clit ~ unable to go down after the blue pill I had taken and the cock ring around its base, even had it wanted to ~ and the taste of my own wet cum in my mouth were all combining to drive me crazy with wanton lust and desire. I had never tasted my own cum before but, surprisingly, it was not unpleasant! I found myself kissing my wife back hard, lashing her lips with my eager tongue and groaning with disappointment when she pulled away and began moving slowly down my body. My disappointment didn't last for long though as I felt her tongue now circling the head of my clit, her lips moving up and down my engorged shaft!

"Ooooh Aimee," I heard her gasping, "Fuck me Aimee...Fuck my face you dirty bitch! Fuuuuck me!" After a couple of moments, she moved back up the bed towards my head and kissed me hard on the mouth once more. This time I could taste both our juices...hers and mine combined in a sweet, intoxicating nectar. "By the way...I haven't finished with the toys yet..." she whispered and reached under the bed!

Before I could say anything or react, my wife had fastened a black leather strap combination all around my head. I wasn't sure exactly what was going on but I felt a hard, plastic phallic shape entering my mouth and looking down, could see another protruding from my mouth from the opposite side, facing my wife. As she tightened the belt around my neck, I tried to speak but my new penis gag prevented anything apart from a few grunts and moans. I felt a small string of saliva fall as my mouth now tried to accommodate the foreign object trapped between my lips. "Oh are soo gonna love this" my wife told me as she swivelled round and prepared to lower her pussy on my face. "This is going to make me sooo wetttttt..." this last was uttered as her stockinged thighs clamped hard around my head and I felt her pussy enveloping the dildo protruding from my lips. With every thrust on my face, she began eagerly deep-throating my cock in return until we found ourselves in a rhythm; a kinky, sexy sixty-nine ~ my wife moving down on me as hard as I thrust back into her. As I felt her starting to climax on top of me, I reached up and took hold of either side of her buttocks...pulling her down on my face harder and harder. The plastic dildo trapped between my painted lips was stretching me wide and I felt just like I imagined a porn actress would getting double-fucked in both her cunt and her mouth at the same time! With one hand, my wife began pulling my butt-plug to within an inch of coming out before pushing it back in its full length and, as I came close to exploding with all the pleasure and excitement my body was experiencing, I heard myself crying out....almost screaming....with orgasm and wild abandon. Though I couldn't talk, in my head I was screaming out my femme name once more ("Aimee...Aimee...OH GODDDD....MY NAME....IS......AIMEEEEEEEEEEEE!") and I lost all track of space and time as me and my wife both came at once...hard.....her several times in quick succession.

"Oooooh goddd Aimee...I love this new you!" My wife told me as she took the penis gag, still wet from her own juices, deep inside her mouth. "You are
such a delicious naughty little slut!"

(To Be Continued.....NEXT: First day in the office!)

First time caught and feminised {Part Four}

The first thing my wife made me do once dinner was over, was go upstairs and run a nice hot, feminine bubble bath and clean myself using all of her most girliest girly bath products. On the bathroom side was a bottle of body spray called "Cute As Candi", a brand I had never heard of before, and I was directed to spray myself literally all over with that before emerging into the bedroom where she had laid out my new night-time attire. Under no circumstances was I allowed to touch myself or I would be locked away in chastity. Believe me, lying in that bath feeling all girly and feminine, it was very hard for me to not get excited!

When I emerged. I found some of the contents of my wife's shopping trip
laid out upon our bed. The first thing I noticed was a clear see-through bra with two realistic breast-forms attached and besides this a note saying "wear this for me took me lots of searching to find these and they WEREN'T cheap!" Feeling more than just a bit silly, I slipped on the bra and was surprised how sexy it suddenly made me feel. With two firm mounds protruding from my chest, two mounds that looked incredibly life-like when pressed up against my body, I felt more like a woman than I ever had before and really as though these new breasts were a part of me. Next came a sexy satin baby-doll with slits running all down the side and besides it sat the dark wig I had been wearing earlier. Feeling the smooth satin material of the baby-doll as it slipped over my freshly bathed, perfumed skin sent shivers down my spine and I had to bite my lips from moaning as the long tresses of my wig fell over my shoulders. After both of these, came a pair of sexy patterned stockings, black high-heeled pumps and a pair of silky french knickers. Watching myself in the mirror as I slipped each item on, I felt myself becoming more and more turned on and the transition into Aimee becoming more complete than I had ever known before. My wife, I thought, had really excelled herself so far...who knew what else she had in store!

After applying subtle make-up, I turned this way and that before the full length mirror in our bedroom, admiring my sexy new look. On the bedside cabinet beside my side of the bed, my wife had put what I thought were the final additions for tonight; a blue pill and a round, black cock-ring...both things I had seen before but never thought to try. A note besides them read "Take me and slip this on!" Not wanting to ruin my wife's plans for this evening, I did as requested and swallowed the pill and slipped the cock-ring down around the base of my clit. The ring was tight, cut into the skin, and I knew there was no danger of my little man letting me down tonight. The combination of the pill and the ring would keep me hard well until we had finished tonight and already I felt myself more horny and aroused than I had even been this morning. I called down to my wife that I was ready and I heard her ascending the stairs before swishing into the bedroom!

My wife was wearing a black satin mini-dress, tight bla
ck stockings and suspenders and very little else. Seeing me, she let out a delighted gasp and told me I looked hornier than even she had expected. "Meet A...."I began, introducing my female persona, but she held a finger to my lips and stopped me. "Not yet," she told me. "Save it, I want to hear you moaning like a girl first; I want you to pleasure me like my naughty lipstick lesbian lover and I want to hear your girly moans as you do so. Then, when you're done, I'm going to lay you down and fuck you....hard... and I want you to scream and cry out your name just as you explode your hot, wet cum inside of me." Her hand slid up my stockings and began caressing my bottom through my silky panties. Her lipsticked mouth descended on mine and I felt her tongue teasing me, running up and down my lips before forcing its way inside of me as she pulled our bodies close. I groaned as she wriggled and writhed up against me, the cool satin of our lingerie sending electric shocks down my spine as we touched and my trapped clit getting even bigger, harder in my naughty black knickers. I felt my own hands gliding over her body, touching everywhere that elicited a positive response as I forcibly kissed her back then moaned in as girly a voice as I could muster as she ground herself up against me hard. With my hands now on her tits, stroking and teasing her aching nipples through the satin of her tight dress causing her to whimper in delight, she forced me to my knees and between her soaking wet thighs. I could smell her excitment soaking through her panties as I took them in my teeth and pulled them from her body then proceeded to tongue and lick her hot, wet snatch causing her to climax all over my face. Her moans and groans were doing nothing but turning me on more and more and, as I continued to tongue her to bliss, I reached down and began stroking myself through my own satin panties. A large spot of pre-cum had already left me damp and I knew it would not be long before I lost control. My wife, sensing this pulled me up and threw me face-up on the bed. Quickly she pulled down my knickers and I felt something cool, wet and sticky being applied to my bottom. "If you want to be a girl," she told me, "you need to know what it feels like to be penetrated like a girl!" I let out a gasp as she slipped a butt-plug up inside of me then pushed my bottom down, forcing it in deeper. A second later, she climbed on top of me and slid her tight, wet pussy down my engorged shaft. With every thrust, every motion, I felt the plug inside of me...stretching me, filling me...making me realise what it must feel like to be fucked like a woman. I began moaning louder and louder...begging my wife to fuck me harder, to fuck me like the dirty little slut I was.....and just as she sensed me starting to cum, she told me to scream out my femme cry out in pleasure the name I wanted her to call me from now on!

" name is Aimee," I cried,"and I'm your dirty little slut!" And as I pulled out of her pussy, I felt myself exploding all over her lacy, stockinged thighs.

"Aimee....I like it." My wife told me as she collapsed there besides me. "I think me and Aimee are going to have lots and lots of fun!"

(To Be Continued....)

First time caught and feminised {Part Three}

The first thing I did was go upstairs and re-do my make-up! My lipstick was all smudged from my earlier encounters with my wife and, much as I dreaded answering the door dressed en-femme, if somebody knocked and I was going to have to answer it then I wanted to appear convincing! Staring in the mirror at my reflection, I started to find myself getting horny again and could see what had turned on my wife so much that she had wanted to catch me so badly! I actually looked quite a naughty, sexy little minx when I was dressed, I thought, and slowly slid one gloved hand up and down the stiffening clit in my panties; stifling a moan with the fingers of my other hand as I felt myself getting harder....I wanted to keep going; I wanted to pleasure myself, needed to cum again so bad, but remembering my wife's threatened potential punishment, reluctantly pulled my hand away. How would it feel, I found myself wondering, to know that as much as you wanted it, you would not be able to cum? To be locked away in chastity for days, weeks, a month? To so desperately crave release that you would do anything? Maybe, I thought, if I didn't behave, I might just find out yet....I had no idea where my wife intended to take our relationship next or what she might expect me from me but it seemed certain that this was not just to be a temporary arrangement but instead something that would be lasting for at least the foreseeable future! But just how far was she planning to go? I felt myself shiver in anticipation and trepidation at some of the things I could imagine she had in store for me now that she knew I enjoyed dressing as a woman!!

For the rest of the day, I walked around the house in my wife's clothes, doing my chores and just waiting for, and dreading, the doorbell to ring. I half expected my wife to have set someone up to come round just to catch me like this and found myself practising a female voice just in case I had to confront anyone! Luckily, the d
ay passed uneventfully and my wife returned just as I was laying dinner on the table. She entered the house carrying two bags of clothing that she had bought for me to wear the next day, when I would be returning to the office. Greeting me with a kiss, she handed me one of the bags and urged me to go upstairs and try the contents on. Inside, she told me, was a woman's trouser suit and blouse that she expected me to wear for my first day back at work as her secret Sissy!

"I can't wear this," I protested as I walked downstairs several moments later, "it's far too girly, everyone will know some thing's going on as soon as I walk in the office!" "Hmm..." my wife replied, "it is a bit feminine isn't it?....the lady in the shop assured me that particular suit was unisex! Still if you keep your jacket on all day, your blouse done up and your tie on then I'm sure you'll be able to carry the look off!" "I don't want to carry it off," I protested, "I'm not a girl, I'm not your wife, I'm your husband! I'm a man a
nd I should go to work dressed like a man!" I stopped as I saw my wife was struggling not to laugh.

"If you're such a man..." she retorted, "then why did I come home this morning to find you dressed as a slut? Parading in front of the mirror like a naughty little Sissy and wearing my dirty panties?" I didn't answer. What could I say."Why..." she continued, "do you look at all those feminisation web-sites whenever I'm not a
round if you're such a man? Real men don't look at sites like those. Real men don't fantasise about being a Sissy. Or maybe they do...." She reached for the phone. "Maybe I should call Alan and ask him if he's ever dressed in his wife's underwear? Maybe I should ask him what he thinks about 'men' who dress like a girl? Maybe you're right, maybe I'm naive...what do you think? Should I call Alan right now and tell him what you've been up to?"

Alan was my boss, the Regional Director of the company myself and my wife worked for. We got on pretty well all things considered and he'd been over for dinner a couple of time
s but I couldn't imagine what he would say if he found out my secret pastime! Images of me being fired ran through my head or worse, me not being fired but instead humiliated in front of everyone in the building as they all learnt how I liked dressing up as a naughty, Sissy Slut whenever I was alone!

" don't tell him Mistress Molly please!" I begged, knowing my wife had me just where she wanted me. "I'll wear the suit tomorrow...I'll do as you say but please, please ~ don't tell anyone about me!" I realised once again that in just a single day, I had been reduced to being the weaker partner in our relationship. That, without my knowledge or consent, somehow I had managed to relinquish all control! From now on, I was my wifes' to do with exactly as she pleased.

"Good Sissy," my wife said, a confident winning smile now fixed upon her blood-red, painted lips. "I wouldn't want to be sharing your little secret with anyone jus
t yet and spoil all my I? Now, what's for dinner, I'm starving. It had better be something good...Sissy!" She put extra emphasis on the last word, ensuring I knew precisely what my place was now in this household. As we moved into the dining room, I couldn't help wondering what was in the other bag she had brought home!

Turning her head, my wife caught me peeking. "Now now," she t
old me, "don't spoil the surprise! That's just some toys and some lingerie I've bought for us later! All in good time Sissy. First you need to eat and keep your strength me, you are going to need it for what I have got planned later tonight...."

{To Be Continued....}