Sophie's long tongue licks Eve's swollen clitoris.

Eve returns the favor on Sophie's erotic and sensitive butthole.

Brooke Skye and friends

Another request.

Here's the cute Brooke Skye getting her pussy licked. Nice tits on this babe!

Brooke diving in for some sweet pussy.

Brooke and friend pleasuring each other.


Two on one. Nice tits on this babe too!

I sure would like a taste of that!

More nice tits, and how about her clit?

I bet Brooke's sucking on it. I'm jealous!

Lesbians Kissing

More Lesbian Cunnilingus

In our last post, love of girls remarked “as much as I love this blog, it would be better with more pictures of lesbian cunnilingus... “ Here at cunnilingus69b.blogspot we're not above appealing to our readers purine interests.

Here's a couple of cute blonds enjoying each others company.

Lips on cunt. I wonder what she's doing with her tongue?

Tongue on clit. An interesting question (which only women know the answer to) is whether women give better cunnilingus than men do.

A woman knows what cunnilingus feels like, so perhaps she has an edge in giving it.

A couple of blonds taking care of both ends of this brunette.

Of course, if you enjoy masturbating over pics of women, then girl-on-girl shots give you more to jerk it to.

An older woman showing a young girl the ropes.

And how about a close-up? Imaging what's going on that we can't see!

Going down on her

Doesn't the phrase “going down on her” imply that the actor is lowering himself? Doesn't it suggest that he is subservient? Subordinate? Beneath her? This is not about equality. When you put your face in her pussy you are pleasuring her.

Oh sure, you may enjoy the smell of her cunt next to your nose, that warm wet feeling against your face. You may get hard from the way her body looks from between her legs. Your dick may press hard against the bed, even oozing precum.

But the odds are that she's the one who is going to have the orgasm.

And just look at it from this perspective. Did you ever have a lady go down on you? Didn't it seem like she was the one being humiliated? Wasn't all about your pleasure? Did you have the desire to please her with your dick in her mouth, or did you just like the way it felt?

Maybe you go down on your woman hoping she'll do the same for you. Or maybe you're trying to get her hot so that she'll screw. But have you ever gone down on a woman and after she was satisfied the sex was over? You sure are the humble one when this happens. Perhaps this has never happened to you, but it did happen to me.

When I licked my woman to orgasm and then our session ended I had the distinct feeling of having been used. This is a bit frustrating, but it is also a bit exciting. It's the kind of feeling you might try developing as you go down on your lady. After all, shouldn't you be thinking about her pleasure rather than what you might eventually get from her?

Your place is with your face between her legs. Your purpose is to provide her pleasure. When you adopt this attitude and look forward to licking her cunt simply for the sake of bringing her to orgasm you are on the road to becoming a proficient cunt-licker. When you have your face burried between her legs her pleasure should be your sole purpose. You are now subordinate to her sexual pleasure.

A blast from the past

Here are excepts from a scan of a porn mag from days past. It reminds me somewhat of one by the same name that I had some years ago. I believe that mags such as these were put together from selections from hardcore sets. I, for one, enjoyed the emphasis on oral sex. I had several favorite pics that I creamed over again and again and again...

I sure do wish I could find a scan of that mag. This one is nice though!

Here's the cover. It's a gourmet edition!

Here's a pretty picture of a lady in pink getting serviced by her boy. Very nice photography! I think these have a certain artistic quality.

A young Ron Jeremy holding his dick and a babe's breast while she gets her pussy licked.

That brunette looks so sexy! She's the kind of babe I like to masturbate over. And it's especially nice with her having that bushy cunt of hers being licked by a cute blond (the blond has cute little titties that are also worth a stroke or two).

Here's a tender moment between two lovers. Notice how the guys back then were often clothed when they went down on their ladies.

This blond sure is hot! Imagine being in her lucky boy's shoes (if he's wearing any that is). I like the way she's looking down on him, watching as he services her.

Here's another lady who's watching her boy eat her out. She sure is cute too! Most of the ladies back then had nice hairy cunts. There also weren't so many fake tits. Below we see a guy taking the rear approach.

Still another lovely lady watching her boy doing her, that is, until she's about to cum!