Always read the small print.....


What's the attraction of face-sitting?

This lovely lady is restraining her boy.

Now she's unzipping her jeans.

From her perspective, she likes to be in control. Besides, he's not going anywhere until she's had as much face as she wants.

She's a little bit sadistic too! That really makes her feel in control.

From her boy's perspective, he'll do whatever she wants as long as he gets to lick her pussy.

It's a perfect match- her pussy to his face!

Of course, she really doesn't need to tie her boy down.

He'll put his face between her legs any chance he gets!

Daddy's new girl....


I found these cartoons on the web.

I think her message is clear.

Wonder who wrote those vows?

That's the kind of safety features I want!

If I were judging this one would win.


She's finally figured it out.

She's conserving her husbands sexual energy.

Mistress knows that the anal dildo is heavenly bliss for her pretty subby.

Some happy couples

Here's some couples who are enjoying each others company.

Notice the smile on her face? He looks pretty happy too. Wonder who enjoys it the most?

This guy is probably thinking about how nice it is for his girl to let him lick her pussy.

This gal is glad that her boy is a cunt-licker.

These two just seem to go together, don't they?

This gal had to insist that her boy go down on her. Now he can't get enough!

She likes the way his soft little tongue feels much more than when he puts a finger in her.

He likes those cute little noises she makes.

For this couple it was love at first lick.