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Facebook! I need friends.......

I forgot to mention.............. I am starting up a new facebook page for me to be naughty on. 
Would anyone like to be my friend? :)

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(No photo as of yet, but I will put one up soon!)

Wow... Pussy Galore!

Well well well my friends.... it has been quite a while since I have updated. This has due to many many reasons... and I apologize. I am going to be switching over to a new site very soon, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, I don't even know where to begin to explain what I have done/see in last month or so. Ohhhh Wooooweeee... it's true what they say, the more hands the merrier! ;)

I did something daring.
I did something unique!
I had an all-female sex party in my house.....
I met all the women prior to the event... There ended up being only 5 of us in total, but the evening was something out of a movie!!!!!!!! A Sexy, Lesbian, Tits and Wet Pussy-filled movie....... I'm going to save the details for my next blog, but trust me, the wait will be worth it, I promise you!!!!

Have I shown these two Busty Blondes yet? Don't think so. Prepare to drool...

mmmm, My pussy immediately is overcome by a rushing warm sensation whenever I see that first girl in particular. I want to rub my face in her tits and lick and suffocate myself in her lusciously plump and tender breasts.... Ohhhh, that'd be amazing.... I wouldn't be able to control myself; I'd HAVE to lick my way down to her clit, lick it slowly and suck on it playfully while rubbing her boobs up and down and all around... I'd make her mooaaaaaaaan..... (and now I'm really wet - tee heheheee!!!)

Alyssa Reece Cunnilingus Pics

Alyssa has been appearing on a lot of my blogs lately and Cunnilingus is no exception.

The lovely Alyssa licking clit.

Down on her knees. And what a nice shot of her ass! No wonder she's my porn masturbation girlfriend.

Here's a close-up of the last one.

Alyssa's turn. What a nice body she has!

And those legs! Alyssa's one beautiful cunt-licker!

Alyssa (on the left) and her friend who probably had breasts three times larger than Alyssa's.

Same thing from above.

And here's Alyssa getting fingered while she licks pussy.

Some Alyssa face sitting.

Nice profile of Alyssa's wonderful little tit and sexy thigh.

And here's a nice nose to bush shot.

Paying attention to her pussy

When you go down on your girl your full attention is on her pleasure, or at least it should be.

When you're screwing her you're probably mostly experiencing your own pleasure. A really good stud pays attention to his lady, but many of us are self-centered and focus on our own genitals. That's why one of the great advantages of oral sex (provided you're not 69ing) is that you can maintain proper focus.

Proper cunnilingus requires you to have both hands on her body, like her hips, waist, or breasts. You might be inclined to play with yourself while you lick her pussy, but that's taking away from your focus. Besides she might enjoy the extra stimulation from your hands. At most you should limit yourself to the way your hard dick feels as it pushes against the bed.

It's very exciting to explore her cunt with your tongue. You can run it up and down her cunt lips, noticing each detail of this very special part of her body. Then you can stick your tongue deep inside her cunt and get some idea of what it feels like down there. Unless she's in the habit of spreading her pussy apart for you this may be your only chance to explore down there. And by all means pay attention to how she reacts to what you're doing. This is imperative If you want to become good at being her cunt-licker.

Then there's her clit. It's not likely to get erect unless one of you stimulates it, and there's no better way to do that than with your tongue. If you were fucking her you probably wouldn't even notice her clit. Now you can feel the way it grows. And you can feel the way her body reacts when you lick it. How does she like you to do it? With your face against her pussy and your hands on her body you have a much better feeling for her reactions. And you probably are thinking about her pussy rather than your dick.

There's plenty of time to screw later. Right now you should be focusing on her sexual pleasure. Maybe you can make her cum. Maybe you can make her cum three times! She'll be a really nice lay after she's cum a few times and her cunt is nice and wet.