Settled into the city; aching for some pussy action, hehe

Hello Everyone!
Oh how I have missed my blog and all of YOU!!!
The past three Thursdays I have wondered how everyone is and how half-nekked Thursdays are going.... I always love seeing REAL people half naked - so liberating to see others wanna get naked like I do! hehe... Anyhow, I have been absent for a few months and been busy moving and settling into a new job. The weekends have booked up fast due to great summer weather, so I really have not had time for much else... Life is great, and I have slowly started to look for a girl I can play with in the area. I moved to Toronto so there are TONS of hot girls everywhere :)

In fact, have been lusting after one in particular....

She is at my company and is an intern from Europe. She is leaving in a few short weeks and we have become pretty good friends. This past weekend my friends and I took her to a cottage on a private lake so she could experience a Canadian cottage weekend. Well, part of my crush - aside from her pretty face, great personality and whatnot - has to do with her giant breasts... they pop out of her shirt and I have to remind myself at work not to drool! No wonder guys are always staring at boobs, they're fucking gorgeously sexy!!!!!! Girls have a hard time not staring as well, or at least I certainly do! ha!

Her breasts are beyond sexy... They turn me on so much. At the cottage on the weekend, we were playing around on a raft, splashing around and pushing each other off. Some sand got kicked up and we discovered it nestled into both our bikini tops and bottoms. I will never forget the moment she opened up one side of her bikini top, exposing her D breasts and soft nipple covered in sand only to myself. It was like a heavenly angelic type of moment. I wanted to push her down and suck on both her nipples at the same time, licking them silmultaneously while her body ached with desire for my tongue on her soft vagina lips....

Sigh... alas, it is still just as wish. However, I have planned a sleepover this Thursday. We are going to have dinner, watch some movies, do our nails, maybe facemasks too, and if I had my way, I'd lick her pussy and fuck it with my 12 inch dildo. In fact, I would run out and buy a strap on so I could fuck her like an animal, all wild, hot, wet and sexy.... fuuuuck. I think her pussy would taste nice too. Having taken seperate girl and guy cars to the cottage allowed us some time for personal conversation, and I know she shaves down there regularly and I know she does silly things when she is drunk - like grab my entire ass cheek while on a drunken cottage walk at night! :)

So for you my friends, I am going to share with you a photo of this girl... Tell me what you think!

I snapped this photo and almost started sucking her tits at the restaurant ;)