First Entry - My Confession

Heeey, so I am starting this blog because I recently had my first girl-on-girl experience, and I LOVED it, and I want to try it again.....

I have come to the realization that I like girls -- really really like them... I love seeing cute girls and their boobs of course.. hehe. I love hearing girls laugh and giggle cuz I like to giggle too! And seriously, who can deny the beauty and sex appeal of a nice pair of tits?? :P

So, you see, I have realized this, and you must know that I am in, or was in what I thought was a completely heterosexual relationship. I am so completely in love with my boyfriend, so mad about him! Our sex is amaaazing. I shall embellish on what I mean further in another posting...
But has been through our incredible relationship, full of understanding and acceptance, that I have been able to recognize and succumb to my undenying attraction to women. Thus, about two months ago I started up a Plenty of Fish account to find a female friend. I found one and will write about my first experience soon. :)

My boyfriend fully supports me in wanting to "play" with other girls! I am so lucky!!! We both are I suppose!

The following photos are of girls that I find to be absolutely hot and delicious!!! 
I dare anyone -guy or girl- to look at these photos and NOT get turned on!!!

 Rose Berenger -- Fucking Hot!!! Seriously, I want to grab her tits. Lick them, suck them... She looks like an innocent girl next door type. Yet sooo naughty. I want to touch those breasts so badly. mmmm :P