"Should I Become A Lesbian" Test Results (hehehe!!)

You're kinda in the gay region of the spectrum. You most likely find other women attractive, and have perhaps have had thoughts about same sex "activities." Perhaps men aren't the best thing for you. You've probably had your failed relationships, but more importantly, you are showing signs that these "mixed-sex" relationships may have a tendency to fail because of your interaction with male-kind. Women may be a healthy alternative for you. Do not be ashamed of your feelings. Whatever feels natural for you is what is best. If you try women and you like it, then why the hell not? If you find yourself missing the penis, you can always come back, and men like myself will most likely welcome you with open arms...or legs. What you should concern yourself with is finding a good match. Do not base relationships on sex. If you do, then every relationship you have will fail, no matter what sex it is with.

I scored 54% Lesbopoints higher than my peers!! haha! No wonder I want to suck on a luscious pair of tits. mmm... hehe

Speaking of which, I haven't uploaded any sexy photos yet today - Gosh - and it's only 2:06pm! haha!! Well, here you go.... I think I shall go masturbate now.... Enjoy!

 I totally want to grab, suck, lick and cum all over these... Both girls.

oh god.... soooo sexy. Anyone agree?