I have a girl date tonight!

Hello blogworld!
I have a girl date tonight! hehehe! We are going to meet at a pub to get to know each other. This will be my second female date :)

This "let-me-feel-you-out-and-see-if-I-like-you-and-if-I-do,-then-I-will-actually-feel-you" stuff might be a pattern in female dating/female-pleasure seeking as I did this the first time I met a girl with the intention of eventual sexy fun. The girl tonight is my age and has a boyfriend, just like me. She has never been with a girl, and also wants to simply meet tonight to see if we click. We have been txting each other on and off for a couple days and I know she is nervous about tonight. She has not told her boyfriend about it as it might make him feel inferior.

I get the feeling she is a closet lesbian and has no idea.I actually think it will only take a little bit of pleasure from a female for her to realise this. Through our txting she told me that she may only want to go down on me vs me go down on her and I think she may just simply be insecure with who she is deep down... like I said, I have a hunch she will eventually realize she is a lesbian. Who knows though? I only recently admitted and accepted my love/lust/desire for women.. and their bodies. hehe

Anyways, I got a brazillian today and my vagina looks sweeeet again, hehehehe... I was hoping to get some pussy action tonight, but I can wait I suppose :P

These next photos are in honour of the thoughts I have going through my head whenever I see my brazillian waxer... goddamn she is hot! Cute face, blonde hair with a little brown, small nose ring, huge boobs that pop out of her shirt.... I liked the top she had on last time I got waxed a lot more because they exposed her tits more.. she has nice cleavage. hehe. but today was a nice view too :)

I must also admit, I really liked when the waxer touched my vagina's lips while getting the wax off with some oil...


Wish me luck tonight cuz I wanna lick some pussy reeeeeeeeal soon!