I kid you not... I cannot sleep... Fantasising...

Ok, wow. I am having trouble sleeping.
All I can think about are girls.... :S

I am just so shocked by the realization and ability to admit my new-found desire for women... I think it's safe to say that I have always fantasised about women in one way or another. As a kid I remember noticing breasts and being curiously attracted to them. I spent many years up until now noticing attractive women, appreciating their beauty and curious about other female bodies other than my own. At this point however, I am craaaaving to touch a female body. I want to put my hand through a girl's hair, kiss her softly on her neck, then kiss her passionately on the lips as I gently but firmly caress her luscious breasts. mmmm.

Since I accepted my attraction for women I have not been able to stop staring at them... I saw a cute blonde girl downtown today and I am normally not attracted to blondes. She had a gorgeous smile and a Marilyn-Monroe piercing. She wore tight jeans and a white ruffle top allowing a generous amount of cleavage to show =) I wanted to hold up my hand and stop her from walking, grab her by her hips and bring her closely into me. I wanted to rip off her shirt and her bra and start sucking on her nipples in the middle of the street! I wanted to lay her down gently and softly lick her clit. This urge is sooo incredible... it's consuming me!!!

This photo makes me warm... and wet. (hehe)