Oo0ooo La Laaa!

I have another prospective playmate #2 and met her on Plenty of Fish. She is a few years younger than me, and is a lesbian! We have started to talk on Blackberry Messenger (thank goodness for someone with BBM! sooo much more fun than regular txting!), and we have set up Wednesday night as a night to meet. She and I also have exchanged topless with panty photos.... and we both like what we see!!! =)

She is off to a bar tonight with some friends and I would lovvvve to get dolled up and "accidentally" run into her! hehehehhehe.... And grab her in front of everyone on the dance floor and just start making out like crazy.... hehehhee.... Maybe touch her big, soft breasts as we kiss.... hehe... Oh I would just love that!  But, it looks like I will meet her this Wednesday - YAY!!!!!!!! It has been hard to find a girl to play with.... I hope this works out! A lesbian is my next best shot, I think. hehe :P

mmmm, There is something soooo hot about lingerie, or, topless photos when a girl has panties on. I suppose it leaves me wanting more, hehe. I also like the reverse, and seeing a beautiful vagina and covered breasts... but let's be honest... Bare breasts are probably one of the most beautiful things in the world... Women are just simply stunning by nature! 

So, in dedication of sexy lingerie, here are some girls that are having a hard time keeping their tits in................. Meeeoooow!!!!

.Alice Goodwin.

.Wendy Fiore.

.A girl named Brittany.

and really, this is what I am thinking.....
desiring.... longing for.....
pussy....... =D

Date on Wednesday. Mmmmmmmmmm, Yaaay!