bad bad internet. bad bad girl.

It has been a long while since I updated... many many small things have added up to an general internet absense. My internet connection suuucks and can be extremely frustrating, but I am about to move to a bigger city for a job and with a bigger city comes a larger selection of women :) This is all very recent news and finding a place to live in another city is quite time consuming!


I have found that there are many ups and downs with trying to arrange playdates with women. I have had a hard time finding a woman to play with here in my city.... The pool is a bit small and women being the emotional creatures we are, need to be in the right frame of mind for an intimate encounter. While I understand this and too need to feel a connection with an intimte partner, this can also be very frustrating, especially when I am in the mood for some naked girl fun and I can't call up anyone because we haven't gotten to know each other yet... gah!!

On a good note, I recently met a cute "boi" type lesbian and we hit it off. I usually prefer feminine looking women, and admitted this to her, but we seem to have a lot in common and she is really cute! We met earlier this week and will likely get together after this weekend as we are both busy until then. I cannot wait to lick her pussy.... Her tits will be a huge surprise, and I will gladly grab onto them whatever they look like, because she wears baggy-ish clothes that cover her breasts. hehe... The anticipation and mystery is kinda fun.
I have a feeling she will be incredibly great at licking myyyy pussy. She told me a story about going to a 'private club' in Calgary where the downstairs is a place to mingle, and the upstairs is for fucking. And I mean, fucking..... in front of everyone. She told me that her and another girl made out and she performed oral on her in front of a room full of people! That is so hot! She also said that a female from the room THANKED her for the hot makeout session and oral because she came hard from watching. Wow! Yes, like I said, I think this supposed-boi type will give me a sensational pussy lick.

Sleep Tight!