Date. Bust. [bonus: good news]

Hello hello :)
My date bailed on Saturday night. She originally told me she'd be off work at 9 and could meet then. Around 4pm she txt me saying work was slow and that she could likely get off and meet earlier. I agreed. Long story short, she was off around 8 and I missed her txt message by a few mins and she got impatient and left work and went to some Jack and Jill. odd. Anyways, we are planning on meeting sometime this week for tea, BUT................

I was bored last night and went on Plenty of Fish. This is where I found both my other dates, well, my first and only one. lol. Anyways, I am one of the people on POF that doesn't have a photo up for privacy reasons. I first began searching for girls interested in intimate encounters with photos... then I started messaging some without, knowing very well that I am an attractive female concerned about privacy, and maybe there are others out there like me! So, I messaged a could girls and eventually one girl and I emailed each other photos and started to txt. She sent me 3 hot pics, primarily of her face and breasts (which were hot!!) and then I sent her 3 back, 2 of me in some lingere and 1 naughty photo.... it was basically my first 'Half Nekked Thursday' photo, but more naughty ;)

Then she emailed me 3 or 4 more... and hoooooly shit!!!!!! I never expected such naughty, graphic photos from a complete stranger! haha!! It was awesome and sooo hot. She fully exposed her pussy in one! I tell ya, confidence is soooo sexy to me!!! A pretty face, hot tits and hips are suuuuper hot of course, but confidence boosts my interest and sex appeal in a person in a huge way. So, then she asked me if I squirted...

I txt her back and said that I did, and that it is a messy time. Her response was that she was a squirter too.... Hottttttttttt!!!!!!!  I doooo believe I have much more of an interest in her than my original date #2. Who knows, maybe I'll blow off the first girl and go out with this sexy photo hottie... That song on the radio, "Let's Play" should blaaaaaaaaaast itself right now...

There's so much that we can do
Have a play date in my room
And the rest is up to you baby
We can dress up if you like
What's your flavour, what's your type
Come on over for the night
I'll bring your fantasies to life

Let’s play
I’ll let you wrestle me
You can win all day
I’ll show you what it means
to fool around you’ll see
How much you want it now
Just come out and play

Photos... In honour of my neeeeeeeeew date #2...

aaaaaand... one more ;)
sooo fucking Hot!