Not just another Halloween story....(Part Three)

Previously: After a bitter argument, Tom and Tina reach a truce when Tina manages to persuade Tom to dress as a woman for ten days in order to experience life from a new perspective. To make things more interesting, she proposes a bet: Tom must remain dressed until after her work's Halloween party, when Tina will be attending dressed as a man, and whomever is judged the most convincing gets to make the loser do a forfeit! The next morning, Tom begins his first make-over but doesn't realise that Tina has enlisted the help of her best friend, Debbie, to aid in the transformation...and that both girls have more than just the party in mind....

Now: For the next hour, Tom was made to walk up and down the flat dressed in his heels; practicing his sexy walk and wriggling his bottom whils
t listening to subliminal messages that had been loaded up onto his MP3 for him. Tom had been tricked into believing he was listening to a voice coach instructing him on how to talk convincingly as a woman but instead what he was hearing was a very sexy voice telling him how good it felt to be transformed into a woman, how much he desired to be transformed into a sexy woman and finally how rewarding it would feel once his transformation was complete! Tina had not expected the subliminal messages to work right away but Tom quickly seemed to have fallen under their hypnotic spell and was repeating the mantras he was being given through his headphones without any sign of refusal. If, at any time, Tom's walk began to falter or if he didn't wriggle sexily enough for the girls, then either Tina or Debbie would swiftly lash a riding crop across his bottom which soon began working as encouragement! Before long, he was walking just like a sexy woman and was uttering the words, "I am a strong, confident, sexy woman.....I live for being transformed into a strong, confident, sexy woman....I WILL BE a strong, confident, sexy woman" and sounding more like a girl with every step he took!

Poor Tom meanwhile, had begun to feel more and more as though he was in a kind of near-drugged, spaced out trance. He was not sure exactly what was going on but felt as though he was slowly relinquishing all control to the girls and had even begun to consider if maybe taking on this bet/ challenge/ whatever had been something of a mistake! At the same time, Tom felt powerless, unable to resist,
as a hidden part of him continued to suggest the possibility that this was something that had been there buried all along and was what he had always secretly wanted from his relationship with Tina!


That afternoon, Debbie left to go back to work leaving Tom all alone with his girlfriend, Tina; still dressed up to the nines as a very sexy woman and feeling more than just a little bit horny by now. Tina made Tom take off all his make-up then sat him down and made him watch a make-over DVD several times until he was ready to try applying his own! Tina also made Tom take several pills that would, she t
old him, "help regulate your weight and give you a more feminine, hourglass figure!" Tom protested that he wasn't sure he still wanted to do this, that it all seemed to be going too fast and that maybe he had changed his mind about the bet but Tina would have none of it!

"From now on, " she told him, "at least until after the party, Tom no longer exists! From this moment onwards, you WILL be Shauna-Marie, I will be addressed as
Mistress Tina and Debs as Miss Debbie! You WILL do as we say and obey all your training or you WILL be punished! You agreed to the bet we made so the challenge at the party in a weeks time stands and even if you have decided you want to welsh, I believe the prize was for the winner to have the other as their as my slave, you should know I STILL expect you to dress and act as a woman whether you like it or not!"

For the rest of the day Shauna Marie, as Tom now found himself thinking of himself more and more, was made to do more practice walking sexily on heels whilst reciting more hypnotic mantras fed to him through his headphones. This time however, Tina made him also caress his artificial tits through his dress as he moved and lick his lipsticked lips sensually, moaning every time he did so. Before long, Shauna was scared to admit not just how much she felt like a woman but also how much she was starting to sound like one! After her pathetic attempt at revolt earlier that day, Shauna now found herself starting to enjoy what was being done to her and couldn't wait to see what Mistress Tina might have in store next....

{To Be Continued...}