Not just another Halloween story....(Part Two)

As she continued to rub her hands all over his body, Tina lightly eased the silk robe from off Tom's shoulders and let it slide to the floor, leaving him temporarily naked. Debbie then appeared back in the room with a tape measure and began to take his measurements. "We need to take the proper sizes so we can go out tomorrow and buy you some clothes," Tina told Tom, "for now, you can borrow some of mine ~ but it's only for today!" "Tomorrow we're having our first girly shopping trip together! Just the three of us." Debbie added. The two girls lead him into the bedroom where a selection of female lingerie and clothing had all been laid out for him. "This is what I want you wearing today," Tina said, "these clothes will make you feel more comfortable and feminine and help you to adjust to the 'new' you!" The girls had laid out a pink and black sexy basque with suspenders, black lace choker, matching panties and pink and black patterned stockings. A pair of low pink heels sat on the floor by the bed and a sexy pink dress hung on a nearby hanger. "Debbie here will help you get dressed, Shauna Marie," Tina whispered in Tom's ear, "meanwhile I need to book you an appointment to get your nails done!" She left quickly before Tom could muster a response and instead his eyes fell again on the clothes the girls' had chosen for him!

Within minutes,
Debbie had put Tom into his panties, fitted his basque, pulled on the laces to tighten it until he could barely breathe and adjusted his stockings until the seams were straight. Tom tried to complain at the tightening of the corset but Debbie lay one manicured finger at his lips. "If you are going to pass as a woman," she told him, "you need a womanly figure! Dieting will help but for a proper hourglass shape, you need to keep your basque laced tight!" The heels that Tom had bought Tina last year were a snug fit and, in truth, a size too small, but somehow he managed to get his feet to fit. Soon he was also wearing the dress and Debbie had fastened the choker tight around his throat. "This will hide your adam's apple and put pressure on your voice to help you sound more girly!" She told him. "It also helps make you look naughty and more than just a little bit slutty...." Her hand slipped up beneath the folds of his dress and started to stroke his already hard member through his silken panties. "Hmmm....something's telling me you're starting to enjoy this you naughty, naughty boi!" Tom began to gasp and whimper as Debbie ran her nails lightly up and down his shaft. "'re really starting to enjoy this aren't you? Something tells me you might be enjoying this more than you've been letting on!"

Tom started to moan and Debbie fastened her lips around his. Before he could even think about what was happening, she was forcing her tongue inside his lipsticked mouth and kissing him hard and wet. Her hand began to stroke Tom faster and faster through his panties, building the pressure and driving him wild with lust and desire....then, just as he was on the cusp, Debbie stopped and pulled away!

"Ah ah ah!" She told Tom, wagging her finger at him sternly. "Yo
u don't get to cum till Mistress Tina says you can! But if you're a good little Sissy Boi, maybe she might let you play with me later!" Just at that moment, Tina knocked on the bedroom door and walked right in. She looked Tom up and down, inspecting how he was dressed. "How is she?" She asked Debbie.

"Ooooh Tina," Debbie replied, "She's divine! I can't wait to help you start her training.....she's going to be such a horny, dirty little slut!"

{To Be Continued...}