Not just another Halloween story....(Part One)

(In response to a request, this is for Shauna-Marie...)

Tom didn't even know how the argument with his girlfriend had had started off as something small and had gone on to rapidly escalate into a war of the sexes! Tina didn't think that Tom appreciated her, didn't think he credited her with how much she had to juggle in her life and didn't have the slightest clue how hard it was to be a woman! Tom, on the other hand, thought that Tina was becoming a moan, expected too much from him and didn't appreciate just how much he did for her around the house when compared to other guys!! It was an argument that neither side was going to win and it seemed as though there was no solution in sight. That is until....

"If only you could try being in my shoes for a few weeks!" Tina told Tom. "Then you'd see just how 'easy' it is to be a woman!" "Well," Tom retorted, "You should try being a bloke and see all the shit we have to put up with from you women!" Tina stormed out and locked herself in the couples' bedroom, slamming the door behind her in a rage so hard that the whole flat shook! A few minutes later, Tom could hear muffled conversation coming from the bedroom as Tina broke down and started crying down the phone to one of her girlfriends. "Fuck this," Tom thought and settled down in the living room with a beer and some football....

A couple of hours later, Tina emerged from the bedroo
m all apologetic. "I'm sorry," she told Tom, "I don't want us to argue..." "S'okay, " grunted Tom in reply, "I guess I was being a little insensitive!" Maybe if he aapologised too, he thought, he might still get sex tonight!

"Hey," said Tina, "I was talking to Debbie, y'know Debbie from accounts, and she might have a solution to our dilemma!" "What dilemma?" Tom asked, now confused. It had been a long time since their argument and he had had a couple of drinks. "Y'know," Tina continued unabated, "when I said you ought to experience what it would be like to be a woman and you agreed to swap roles?" Tom didn't remember agreeing to any such thing but nodded; his head was a little hazy ~ those beers must have been stronger than he thought!

"Well, it's Halloween in a couple of weeks and my office are having a big, big party. Debbie suggested that you could go dressed as a woman and I could go as your date....what do you think?" "Sounds like that could work," acquiesced Tom. "Of course," Tina continued," You would have to get some practice as a woman if you wanted to be convincing so you might have to dress for a week or so first to get the real feel of how much work goes into it all. You've got some leave owing haven't you? You could take that and we could start right away. We could even make a bet out of it! Whomever of us is the most convincing at the party gets to make the other do a doing all the housework for a month or being the other person's personal slave or something! Course, if you don't think you can get away with it then we could just forget the whole idea..." Tina was using reverse psychology because she knew just how competitive Tom was.....

"No, no," Tom countered, "That sounds fine. I'll phone work in the morning and tell them I'm taking some leave and then we can begin! But you have to practice being a man as well ~ I'm not doing this on my own!"

"Oh, don't worry..." Tina replied with a subtle smile on her face, "I am going to make sure I get lots of practice at being the man in this relationship....!"


The next morning, bright and early, Tom phoned his employers and told them he was taking some leave because some urgent family business had come up. The Company was going through a slow patch at the moment so there wasn't any problem, provided Tom didn't mind doing the odd bit of work from home whilst he was out of the office. That sorted, Tom told Tina he was ready to start....

First Tina ran him a bath and gave him some cream th
at would remove all his body hair. He was instructed only to use Tina's feminine products and was given a bottle of new fragrance (called Cute As Candi...a fragrance that some of you must, by now, be getting familiar with...) that Tina wanted him to wear along with a pink satin bathrobe to put on once he was done. Whilst Tom was in the bathroom, Tina called Debbie to come over and help with his first makeover! Debbie was training as a make-up artist at night school and was looking forward to a new and challenging subject!

When Tom emerged from the bathroom, Tina introduced him to Debbie. "Debbie is going to give bit of an idea of what you might look like as a woman." Tina told him. "this is just a rough guide at first so we can see how you look. We can work on your
appearance in more detail later when you are a bit more comfortable being made up like this!"

The first thing the girls did was fit Tom with some breast forms! Debbie had bought some on her way over through town and had a special adhesive that would stick them to Tom's chest for several days at a time. Debbie had also purchased a red wig at Tina's request and this was the next thing that the girls applied. Tina quickly styled it and no sooner had she finished, than Debbie opened up her special make-up case and begun her first attempts at making Tom more feminine. Whilst she was working, Tina went and put on some soothing, gentle music in the background and before long, the combination of that and the feminine scents all around Tom soon made him feel very relaxed.

Tom must have fallen asleep because when he awoke the girls had finished their first efforts at transforming him into a convincing woman. Together they lead him into the bedroom and stood him in front of the full length mirror so he could get his first look at himself. "What do you think?" asked Debbie and Tina as Tom opened his mouth and gasped at his reflection. "Wow," stammered Tom, "I look! I mean...I!" He tossed his new red locks from side to side, unable to believe what the girls had done to him in only a short time! I am so going to win this bet, he thought and watched as the girl in front of him in the mirror salaciously licked her lips!

"Say hello to Shauna-Marie..." Tina whispered in his ear as her hand moved down to sexily stroke his arse, "and remember, this is just the beginning...."

{To Be Continued....}