First time caught and feminised: First day at the office (Part Four)

As I sat hidden in my office nervously waiting for my secretary Rachael's return, I began reading up on the background information of this new fragance, "Cute As Candi", that the company I worked for wanted my department to start promoting and advertising. I had found this same fragrance in our bathroom at home, was wearing it now in fact over the feminine lingerie concealed under my formal business suit, and quickly came to the conclusion that my wife must have been given a free sample for her to test and try. Surely this new scent could have no connection to my wife's sudden obsession with feminising me? Could it?

The product information described this new fragance, not yet available on the market, as a scent for "Strong, Powerful women who know what they want and are not afraid to get it! The first of its kind, "Cute As Candi" contains a secret blend of sensual and, some say, aphrodisac herbs that open up a woman's desires, lust and passion whilst making her feel more sexual, attractive and feminine!" I had to smile! Certainly whilst I had been wearing it, I had been made to feel more feminine though that had as much to do with my wife's new demands as it did her new perfume! Not for a minute did I stop to question exactly why I was going along with what she wanted without any argument. I just figured that this was the next step, something that I must have subconciously desired in my secret cross-dressing and that by turning me into what she wanted, my wife was just giving me further rein to explore my feminine persona of Aimee!!

When Rachael returned to her desk, sometime after lunch, it was to total normalcy. She did not even glance in the direction of my office and answered all my requests during the rest of the day with her usual professionalism. I figured I had got away with my secret the whole day unscathed; plugged as I was and dressed in sexy lingerie under my suit but about a half hour before I was s
upposed to go down to the lobby and meet up with my wife to go home, Rachael knocked on my door and entered my office unbidden.

Most of the others on our floor had already left for the day so it was pretty much just her and me left here alone. As she entered, I noticed that Rachael had a wicked grin on her face and I felt my heart stop....

"I think you might have dropped something when you were in the ladies toilets this lunchtime," She began with a smile. "Don't deny it...I know you were in there, that's why I came in there after you! I wanted you to hear me...I wanted you to watch me fantasising over you, playing with myself...playing with my pussy!" She licked her heavily painted lips.

"How long have you been wearing your wife's panties you kinky, naughty boi?" She asked. "I take it they ARE your wife's?" I nodded reluctantly. "Are you wearing anything else? I assume you've got on stockings and suspenders because I felt them when I brushed past you earlier...a woman notices these things." I nodded again. "Take off the suit," Rachael ordered, "I want to see.... I want to see you dressed you naughty, dirty boi..." I started to take off my jacket and opened my blouse revealing the silky basque beneath. I swear I heard Rachael purr in excitment....

"I bet you're wondering what happened to the panties you dropped?" Rachael now asked as I finally revealed exactly what I had been wearing all day under my suit. "Well...." she said, her mischevious grin getting wider, "I'm wearing them!" She revealed and lifted up her skirt to prove it to me!!

"I've been wearing them all day," she continued. "Feeling your wife's pussy next to's kept me so horny, thinking about you wearing your wife's panties and knowing all along that I'm wearing them too! I didn't think it was possible for you to make me wetter than you do already but I do now!" She stopped as if noticing for the first time that I was wearing another pair of knickers! "How come you have another pair on?" She asked. "Does that mean..." "Yes," I replied, "My wife upstairs isn't wearing any panties..."

"Ooooh god, " Rachael moaned, reaching down to stroke herself, "That's getting me so hot!!!! Come here," she beckoned, "Pull them down, I want you in my mouth....I want to taste her on your cock!"

Within seconds, Rachael was down on her knees and
taking me deep inside her hot, wet mouth! I could see her lipsticked lips sliding up and down my shaft and the things she was doing to me with her tongue were driving me insane. I had been horny all day and desperate for release and now, as Rachaels other manicured hand slipped inside the dirty panties she was wearing to finger and frig her own aching slit, I could feel the pressure inside of me starting to build. With a cry of release, I felt myself explode all over her face.

"Goddddd...that was so good!" Rachael sighed and kissed me hard on the lips, forcing my own juices back inside of me with her tongue! At first, I resisted but then, without knowing why, I felt myself responding as I felt her hand move down to my arse, pushing me in for an even closer caress, forcing my butt-plug once more deep inside me. I heard myself moaning, groaning like a dirty little slut as her tongue explored mine..and then our embrace was broken by the sound of the phone!

"Oh yes Mrs.J." I heard Rachael saying as she picked up the reciever whilst I started to put on my discarded clothing. "He'll be right down...we were just finishing off some last minute business!"

(To Be Continued...)