First time caught and feminised {Part Three}

The first thing I did was go upstairs and re-do my make-up! My lipstick was all smudged from my earlier encounters with my wife and, much as I dreaded answering the door dressed en-femme, if somebody knocked and I was going to have to answer it then I wanted to appear convincing! Staring in the mirror at my reflection, I started to find myself getting horny again and could see what had turned on my wife so much that she had wanted to catch me so badly! I actually looked quite a naughty, sexy little minx when I was dressed, I thought, and slowly slid one gloved hand up and down the stiffening clit in my panties; stifling a moan with the fingers of my other hand as I felt myself getting harder....I wanted to keep going; I wanted to pleasure myself, needed to cum again so bad, but remembering my wife's threatened potential punishment, reluctantly pulled my hand away. How would it feel, I found myself wondering, to know that as much as you wanted it, you would not be able to cum? To be locked away in chastity for days, weeks, a month? To so desperately crave release that you would do anything? Maybe, I thought, if I didn't behave, I might just find out yet....I had no idea where my wife intended to take our relationship next or what she might expect me from me but it seemed certain that this was not just to be a temporary arrangement but instead something that would be lasting for at least the foreseeable future! But just how far was she planning to go? I felt myself shiver in anticipation and trepidation at some of the things I could imagine she had in store for me now that she knew I enjoyed dressing as a woman!!

For the rest of the day, I walked around the house in my wife's clothes, doing my chores and just waiting for, and dreading, the doorbell to ring. I half expected my wife to have set someone up to come round just to catch me like this and found myself practising a female voice just in case I had to confront anyone! Luckily, the d
ay passed uneventfully and my wife returned just as I was laying dinner on the table. She entered the house carrying two bags of clothing that she had bought for me to wear the next day, when I would be returning to the office. Greeting me with a kiss, she handed me one of the bags and urged me to go upstairs and try the contents on. Inside, she told me, was a woman's trouser suit and blouse that she expected me to wear for my first day back at work as her secret Sissy!

"I can't wear this," I protested as I walked downstairs several moments later, "it's far too girly, everyone will know some thing's going on as soon as I walk in the office!" "Hmm..." my wife replied, "it is a bit feminine isn't it?....the lady in the shop assured me that particular suit was unisex! Still if you keep your jacket on all day, your blouse done up and your tie on then I'm sure you'll be able to carry the look off!" "I don't want to carry it off," I protested, "I'm not a girl, I'm not your wife, I'm your husband! I'm a man a
nd I should go to work dressed like a man!" I stopped as I saw my wife was struggling not to laugh.

"If you're such a man..." she retorted, "then why did I come home this morning to find you dressed as a slut? Parading in front of the mirror like a naughty little Sissy and wearing my dirty panties?" I didn't answer. What could I say."Why..." she continued, "do you look at all those feminisation web-sites whenever I'm not a
round if you're such a man? Real men don't look at sites like those. Real men don't fantasise about being a Sissy. Or maybe they do...." She reached for the phone. "Maybe I should call Alan and ask him if he's ever dressed in his wife's underwear? Maybe I should ask him what he thinks about 'men' who dress like a girl? Maybe you're right, maybe I'm naive...what do you think? Should I call Alan right now and tell him what you've been up to?"

Alan was my boss, the Regional Director of the company myself and my wife worked for. We got on pretty well all things considered and he'd been over for dinner a couple of time
s but I couldn't imagine what he would say if he found out my secret pastime! Images of me being fired ran through my head or worse, me not being fired but instead humiliated in front of everyone in the building as they all learnt how I liked dressing up as a naughty, Sissy Slut whenever I was alone!

" don't tell him Mistress Molly please!" I begged, knowing my wife had me just where she wanted me. "I'll wear the suit tomorrow...I'll do as you say but please, please ~ don't tell anyone about me!" I realised once again that in just a single day, I had been reduced to being the weaker partner in our relationship. That, without my knowledge or consent, somehow I had managed to relinquish all control! From now on, I was my wifes' to do with exactly as she pleased.

"Good Sissy," my wife said, a confident winning smile now fixed upon her blood-red, painted lips. "I wouldn't want to be sharing your little secret with anyone jus
t yet and spoil all my I? Now, what's for dinner, I'm starving. It had better be something good...Sissy!" She put extra emphasis on the last word, ensuring I knew precisely what my place was now in this household. As we moved into the dining room, I couldn't help wondering what was in the other bag she had brought home!

Turning her head, my wife caught me peeking. "Now now," she t
old me, "don't spoil the surprise! That's just some toys and some lingerie I've bought for us later! All in good time Sissy. First you need to eat and keep your strength me, you are going to need it for what I have got planned later tonight...."

{To Be Continued....}