First time caught and feminised: First day at the office (Part Two)

As we got in the car, my wife slowly slid up her skirt ~ teasing me with a glimpse of her sexy black stockings. Reaching over, her hand traced my own stockings, hidden beneath my business suit, and followed the line of my suspenders up until she reached my pantied cock. With one fingernail, she teased and stroked me through my trousers causing me to moan. "This morning in the shower was very, very nice..." she told me huskily, "but it is the last time you are going to be allowed to take control. It was a mistake, one that shouldn't have happened, and from now on we are only going to have sex on my terms and my terms only!" Her hand clenched, squeezing me tight. "Now sit there and stroke yourself through your panties all the way to work as your punishment!" She ordered, "by the time we reach the office, I want you all nice and horny! But don't cum or else you will be walking round in hot, sticky panties all day!" As she started the car, I proceeded to do as she told me. By the time we reached the office, I was right on the edge and begging for release but I knew if I came, I would have to walk round all day feeling sticky, wet, soiled and dirty. You would not believe how hard it was for me to get out of the car and enter my building as normal...every step jiggled the plug that sat inside of me and, as horny as I was, it was almost impossible for me to walk without wriggling my bottom and increasing the sensations I was feeling....I felt a hand reaching down and caressing my arse through my trousers as I walked. "See," my wife told me as we entered our offices and went our seperate ways, "You're even walking like a Slut now! See you later on...lover!" She paused, blew me a kiss then licked her lips suggestively, her tongue gliding across her heavily painted mouth. How on earth, I wondered, was I going to get through the day?

I knew my challenge was going to be made even more difficult as soon as I stepped off the elevator and onto the floor where I worked. There were a lot of highly attractive girls working in my department at the best of times but today they all seemed to have made that extra special effort just to look good in order to torment and frustrate me! All of them, without exception, seemed to be wearing tight satin blouses, high heels and short skirts that left little to the imagination and I could only guess at what some of them were wearing underneath! I found myself wondering if any of their lingerie matched with mine and felt myself blushing in response. All of the girls gave me a wave and a smile as I walked on past and for a moment, a paranoid thought ran through my head that maybe, just maybe, my wife HAD let slip about my little secret like she had threatened and these girls were deliberately trying to tease me. Naaah, I told myself, I musn't start getting paranoid, or I would end up giving something away that really would make them all suspicious! I had to play it calm, I told myself, and everything would be just fine!

My secretary, Rachael, was waiting for me as I finally turned the corner and reached the sanctuary of my office but it almost looked to me as though she too had seemingly dressed extra provocatively for work this morning! I had always had a problem with Rachael anyway; blonde, incredibly sexy and just 19, she was always coming on to me, flirting with me and letting me know, in no uncertain terms, that she found me attractive. Today, dressed as I was in my new business suit, the last thing I wanted was for her getting too close and discovering what I was wearing underneath! I wondered if Rachael was one of the reasons my wife had insisted I wear her dirty panties; almost as though marking me with her scent so that nobody else came near her Sissy husband? I knew that my wife knew of Rachael's attraction to me and had commented on it in the past. I wondered too how Rachael would react if she happened to find out my naughty secret...

"Nice suit Mr.J," Rachael commented as I went to pass
her and head into my office,"is it a new design?" "Errrm..yes," I replied nervously, "it's a new unisex look my wife wanted me to try out. Personally, I think it looks a bit feminine!" I tried to choke back my words but it was too late, they were out before I could stop them. "Oh no, Mr.J, " Rachael countered, "Actually I think it does wonders for your figure!" She stood up and ran her fingers down my chest, slowly and seductively. Was that really the suit doing wonders, I pondered or the sexy, figure-hugging basque I was wearing underneath? I felt my clitty jump in its satin prison as Rachael continued to stroke me softly. "Ahem..well. there anything I need to know?" I asked, trying to get back down to business. "Not much," Rachael admitted, "Just the usual....oh, but your boss did put a new advertising proposal on your desk yesterday for you to look at. A new product the Company wants us to promote....a new feminine scent called 'Cute As Candi'? " I felt my stomach leap! That was the spray my wife had insisted I wear last night; the new scent that had been waiting in our bathroom. Surely it had to be a coincidence?

"Well, errm...thanks Rachael," I stammered, trying desperately to act and think normally. "Let me know if I get any calls..." I darted inside my office and quickly shut the door. On my computer, an icon was flashing to say I
had recieved an inter-office E-mail and, on closer examination, I discovered it was from my wife in her own office upstairs. It was titled "Thinking of you already!" and came with an attachment. Not knowing quite what to expect, I opened up the accompanying file....

What followed was a short web-cam clip of my wife playing with herself and masturbating under her desk. I could hear her soft moans and deepening sighs as her fingers deftly explored her tight, w
et pussy then her frantic whimpering as I heard her slowly bringing herself to climax. I knew that there were other people within earshot just the other side of the door, as there must be outside her office upstairs, but it didn't seem to be bothering her none. I unzipped my flies and let my hand stroke myself briefly through my wife's panties. I wriggled on the seat, feeling my butt-plug stretching me inside and bit my hand to stop myself from moaning. The last scene was a head-shot of my wife as she hungrily sucked her fingers dry and, feeling the first few squirts of pre-cum on my hand, I did the same. Suddenly, I felt even hornier than I had earlier and desperately prayed Rachael wouldn't take this opportunity to walk in!

I scrolled down and read the text that came with the E-mail. "HAS A
NYONE DISCOVERED YOUR SECRET YET, SISSY?" it read, "JUST THINKING OF YOU IN MY PANTIES IS GETTING ME WET ALREADY! XXX MISTRESS MOLLY" Feeling a damp patch spreading across the front of my knickers, it was self-evident that it was doing exactly the same to me!

(To Be Continued....)