Not just another Halloween story....(Part Nine)

Lucky girls, I'm feeling generous so here's another installment...

After finishing at the shoe shop, the girls next headed off to buy Shauna some dresses! Debbie knew a special store where they catered for taller women and figured it would be ideal to find some items in Shauna's size and quiet, being morning when everyone would be still at work. Shauna felt like she was in heaven as she entered, what with all the soft satin and tight, silky outfits and soon found a number of options that she liked! As Tina and Debbie waited outside the fitting room, Shauna came out and gave the pair a sneak preview at some of the dresses she had chosen. Tina and Debbie were very impressed!! 

Shauna didn't know when it had happened, but sometime in the last twenty-four hours she had stopped thinking of herself as Tom! Whether it was the MP3's Tina had had her listening to yesterday or simply the acceptance of what was being done for her at, almost, her own bequest, she didn't know. All she knew was that with every moment she was feeling more and more feminine and less like trying to fight the transformation she was going through! And, wearing these sexy outfits for her girlfriend was getting her extremely turned on!!!

Debbie too was starting to get horny watching Shauna come out wearing more and more sexier outfits! Beside her, Tina had begun to fidget and she just knew her friend was feeling it too! There was the faint scent of female arousal in the corridor outside the fitting rooms and, as Debbie watched, she saw her best friend's hand slyly slipping beneath her skirt, almost without Tina even realising she was doing it, to tease and fondle her pussy through her soaking wet panties! Debbie drew her friend close.....

"This is getting you excited isn't it?" Debbie whispered to Tina, letting her hand stroke across her friend's tight satin blouse, lightly brushing her friend's breasts causing Tina to moan.....Tina wasn't wearing a bra, Debbie noted, and her nipples were startlingly erect! 

Tina looked down at her friend and licked her lips lasciviously....Debbie, sensing encouragement, pulled the light satin to one side and fondled Tina's sensitive nipples causing her to bite her lip in excitement as she held back another soft moan..."What say we go inside the fitting room and help Shauna try on something else.." Debbie suggested, knowing she now had her friend right where she wanted her!

Within minutes, the fitting room was filled with the sounds of female pleasure. Whilst Tina lay back on the small couch in the fitting room, Shauna-Marie sucked on her tits and played with her girlfriend's pussy; all the while whilst Debbie and Tina swapped tongues in mutual excitement! Before long, Debbie was down on the floor on all fours, her skirt lifted about her hips and her panties pushed to one side as Shauna licked her out with Tina sucking and playing with her tits! Out of the three girls, only Shauna never got an opportunity to cum and that was only because the girls heard the click-clack of the sales assistant's high heels as she came back down the corridor to see if her only customers for now needed any help! Quickly, Debbie pulled herself together, made herself decent and, still shuddering from the throes of orgasm,  slipped out of the curtained partition.

"Oh yes," the girls heard Debbie tell the assistant, "We're very happy with the selections we've picked! I think we'll take them all!"

{To Be Continued...}