Wairimu, 22, Westlands, Nairobi

We went to the bedroom, start to make sex. She was quite hot, I made some pictures and it was going fine up to a nice end with a BBBJCIM.
Then she asks me for her money and I gave her fifty dollars: she refuses, she said that she is not so cheap and ask again "give me my money!!" I said that this is the deal we made. She didn’t accept and she ask again and again…she didn’t want to leave the room, she was shouting…I said her that if she doesn’t leave with the money I gave then I call the security! She said to do it, even to call the police, she was making a bluff because when I wanted to take the phone she took it to avoid it.
Then I change my strategy: I show her that I don’t have much more money in my wallet, only 30 dollars more, (of course all the rest and important things were in the safe) and I start to watch the tv and wait that she leaves. Finally after 2 hours (!!) and after I gave her the 30 others dollars she left, unhappy.

She didn’t really say me what she was expecting but I understood something like 200 dollars!!! She said that in Europe I will pay so much for a girl then why not here? I said that in Europe the service is much better!